Nirmal Powered Service(NPS) is a customized service which covers basic testing of products, one time installation, configuration and fine tuning. It can span through integration with other network devices.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Organization networks of current times are constantly at battle with advanced malwares and crimewares. In order to provide more mobility, flexibility, convenience and real time services to customers, partners and employees; organisation networks have increasingly become porous. These continual changes to the IT infrastructure create several new gaps and vulnerabilities, which are serious threat to your critical business data and information systems. Today several automatic, sophisticated ‘point- click’ kind of hacking tools are easily available online, making network connections more susceptible to attacks. Such malicious attacks could be fatal for your organisation and can lead to serious financial losses, reputation damage, business disruption or downtimes and legal issues.

To avoid such exploitation of your networks, a strong vulnerability management program is a must for today’s organisation. Network vulnerability assessment is a key aspect of vulnerability management program that entails check-up of all operating systems, hardware vulnerabilities, network vulnerabilities, system mis-configurations, and policy infractions. The goal of vulnerability management is to have a system that helps to reduce the time and money invested in dealing with vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of vulnerability exposure.

How NDPL can help you in vulnerability assessments?

Comprehensive and accurate scan is a key to thorough network vulnerability assessment exercise. At NDPL we maintain unrivalled vulnerability coverage and scan accuracy, and conduct independent vulnerability research and constant monitoring of industry standard vulnerability lists such as CVE, CERT, and the SANS Top 20.

We scan all of your IT assets against this up-to-date database, deeply examining an entire network infrastructure and probe for complex weaknesses that could lead to an intrusion. Our solution that leverages human intelligence eliminates false positives by verifying the true existence of the vulnerability rather than the simple version check that is performed by most other vulnerability scanners.

Web Application Security

Organizations no longer operate in tightly defined physical boundaries. Employees as well as customers are pushing enterprises to bring more flexibility and mobility, which is only possible through web applications. While web applications are gaining popularity hackers have developed various techniques to corrupt data, crash hosts, gain access to the corporate network and steal valuable information. SQL injections, cross site scripting, session hijacking attacks have become quite common for web applications.

These attacks on web applications are mainly result of inherent vulnerabilities such as design flows, weak codes, which are leveraged by hackers to compromise sites and gain access to critical systems leading to loss of confidential information and huge financial losses. Web applications now a day’s carry tremendous amounts of sensitive data—including personal, medical and financial information. Consumers expect and even demand that this information be kept secure.

Neither manual penetration testing, nor automated scanning is an exhaustive method for identifying Web application vulnerabilities. Each method has its own inherent strengths and weaknesses, and both can be used to discover critical security vulnerabilities in Web applications. Our application security analysts determine the correct mix of automated scanning versus manual testing to provide the best Web application security coverage possible in the industry.


Nirmal Enriched Service(NES) is a service enriched with onsite diagnostics technical assistance by certified professionals for the contracted period typically from 1 year to 3 years based on ordering. This is a SLA based service with committed service deliverables like Response Time, Resolution Time, Uptime Guarantee, and Standby Equipment in case of hardware failure. The same is customized based on business critical needs ranging from 8x5xNBD to 24x7 to ensure the Maximum ‘ROI’ and ‘High Uptime’ at variable pricing.


As part of our turnkey solutions & Project Management, Nirmal Datacomm also liaisons with BSNL and MTNL right from application, feasibility survey, demand note generation, work order issuing, link commissioning and testing. We could advice only with our vast expertise and knowledge of the Indian Telecommunication Circle.

Infrastructure Management

These services are for our esteemed customers who want to outsource their Network Management and Maintenance activities to Service Driven Organizations so that they can perform their day to day activities and the entire IT management can be outsourced to Nirmal Datacomm. In this Nirmal Datacomm takes away the strain of running your own support services and free you to focus on your core business without compromising of quality of service & SLA. in order to increase productivity of the organization. Nirmal Datacomm has tested process standards, state-of-the-art tools, spare inventories, and certified skilled professionals to deliver a range of services:

Tests and Repairs Center

We have a state of Art Test and Repairs Centre situated at HO Mumbai, where the diagnostics for faulty equipment and further rectification is done by Certified Professionals.

Quality Check Test / Quality Control Check

We follow the quality standards to ensure that all the products are tested with POST and burning test before dispatch before it gets delivered to our customers.

Center of Excellence

At Nirmal Datacomm we have a Centre of Excellence where various technologies are deployed and demonstrated to our esteemed customers so that they can have an actual feel of a product /solutions for faster rolling of advance technology at their enterprise.

Nirmal Training Center

Nirmal Datacomm's Training Centre, our training & education arm, offers customized training solutions on present and futuristic technologies and capitalizes on our technology excellence to deliver true practical orientation in all training programs. It has full fledged training centre with good lab infrastructure consisting of facilities like latest CISCO routers, switches, firewall, VoIP infrastructure, and computing infrastructure.

Project Management

A Nirmal Datacomm project manager has the expertise to plan and manage projects of any scope whether it's a major network implementation or a consolidation of your network control center. Our project managers typically have more than 15 years of project management experience in delivering large, complex networks, so you can be assured that your projects will be professionally coordinated and managed from start to finish.

As with all of our services, network implementation solution is customized to your business. You can choose the services you need that suit your individual operational requirements, rest all the things will be managed by Nirmal Datacomm.

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